Blood Counts

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Well I have been doing my weekly blood test for cbc and my levels are very low , I did the Zevalin Dec 23. My platelets are only 20 at this time.
my wbc is only 1.6 and so on.
Has anyone been this low before. I wonder what it will be next Wed. when I go back.
I am getting a bit worried. The Oncologist put me on the Antiobiotics to keep me from getting any infections. I am basically stayin away from many places.
But I wonder if anyone ever had levels this low?
thanks for all the information you can receive on this site.


  • alclmom
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    I am three mnth full remission and yes my counts where this low every cycle. I received neulasta everytime just to keep wbc over a one and I had to receive 3. Platlette transfusion. Keep a close watch on your fevers,and avoid fresh produce And restaurants as I'm sure uve been advised.
  • missC
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    I am and have always been
    I am and have always been low without any ill effects. last friday, my wbc was 1.5 and my anc was 0.2 and I still got chemo as usual. my doc doesn't have me on neupogen/neulasta or any antibiotics.
    I generally make sure just to use hand sanitizer and wash my hands a lot, and try to stay away from sick people. Well, my roommate is sick at the moment and I attend classes at the university so the whole avoiding sick people thing only works in theory...
    But basically what I'm suggesting is you should be fine even if your numbers look really scary. :)