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I started my day much like most, cup of coffee, emails and check in on my CSN family. I read Roger's comment about having followed the postings for awhile and his decision to contribute a post expressing his feelings about this board. It struck me that there may be many who have found the board but have not found their "voice" yet. I was hesitant to start posting when I first joined, I still struggle with re-reading what I post over and over before I hit the "submit" button. I find I am feeling more relaxed about it every time. I sometimes feel intimidated by the eloquence that others are able to express themselves with. What I have come to realize is, it doesn't really matter so much what you say, that just by responding, we are confirming that we care. If the response is very detailed or if it is just a short comment that acknowledges that someone who really understands is connecting with you, it is SO powerful. It struck me that EACH comment is like a stitch in a unique afghan. Some contribute many stitches some just a few, but ALL the efforts weave a warm, cozy, comforting blanket that we can wrap up in. Stitches of acceptance, sharing, humor, compassion, understanding, knowledge, encouragement, sympathy, reality, friendship, faith, sensibility...what a masterpiece! When we just need a little comfort, it is there to wrap casually around our shoulders. Yet, when circumstances are frightening, overwhelming, hurtful, and/or confusing and we feel ourselves shivering from the vulnerability that can occur as we battle this disease (or care for someone who is) we can envelop ourselves in the solace of our blanket. What a precious gift.

Thank you to all the full time "weavers" and occasional "stitchers".

Blessings to all,


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    The Eloquent ONE :)
    That was so lovely, Joanne - you are the eloquent one :)

    I remember you joining and diving in - I remember reading your response and the PMs we swapped when you first came here. It seems like a lifetime but really only a short time ago - so glad to have you here with us.

    Continued blessings to you, darlin' :)

    Big Tex
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    You are SO RIGHT!
    You said it well...

    None on here will worry about the 'typos' that come from meds, or emotions, or fatigue. I suspect we all are pretty good at reading past those to the HEART of the matter...and there is always lots of HEART in every post.

    I too hope that all who are just reading will feel the love and come to join in. This is a place of hope for all, no matter what our dx is or what the docs have said.

    Thank you for your lovely words.

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    I LOVE IT!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!
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    How beautiful, Joanne. What a wonderful thought. I have often felt the warmth and comfort of that afgan. Thank you for articulating what I couldn't.

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    kimby said:

    How beautiful, Joanne. What a wonderful thought. I have often felt the warmth and comfort of that afgan. Thank you for articulating what I couldn't.


    double wow
    thank you Joanne...beautifully said...I guess I am one of the minimalists

    thank you

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    Your words were wonderful. I hope if anyone is lurking I hope it will encourage them to just start typing. This board is such a comfort. Thanks - Tina