Don't over-simplify Incontinence

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This Post is meant to address only incontinence. The message hear is in response to a post that claimed that incontinence is temporary and easily controlled by pads. This is so untrue and obviously that post was done with no thought.

Let me qualify this:

Incontinent over 3 1/2 years.

Live life to the fullest.

But, living in this world with incontinence present it's challenges.

Can Pads put you on easy street?


Here's some examples and all my incontinent friends can relate I'm sure.

Meeting at work--didn't feel myself leaking----Bam! I got up and was soaked.
Fortunately ,I always wear Dark Pants-HAVEN'T WORE LIGHT PANTS IN 3 1/2 YRS.

New York City Trip with Family and Friends--Car packed--- Accident near the George Wshington Bridge-stuck on Highway 2 hrs--Bam-Held it for is long as I could--Pads soaked--Pants soaked.

Football Game in Tampa---Stuck in traffic 2hrs-- made it to parking lot, but walking to port-potty--Bam---long line---Soaked!

This is just a few examples of what Incontinence does to you.

Yes, I had a change of clothes but you can't get out on the higway and strip down.

My point is, it's not easy, it's not simple, it's challenging, and I continue to work my doctors to get dry.



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    it is life changing
    My husband is just two weeks out of robotic surgery and of course dealing with depends and pads for the first time in his life. Luckily he is already retired even though only 59. But he keeps hoping to wake up the next day and see progress. It is depressing to know that it could be a lifelong battle.... Depends/pads are better than cancer but I agree it is not a small issue to have to deal with.