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It has been nearly one month since I was BANNED from accessing the CSN site. I noticed a reply from a moderator that assured me that I had not been BANNED because I had never used any offfensive language and therefore I must be mistaken.

When I attempt to login to CSN, from my primary internet provider, my sceen goes mostly blank with the following message in the upper left hand corner: Sorry 71.97.XXX.99 has been banned. THIS IS PATHETIC !!!

Now that does not leave too much to the imagination. Since the moderator confirmed that I had NEVER used any offensice language, I think it is reasonable that "someone" found my unfortunate situation offensive.

For first time readers of my situation, last July 14th I was implanted with a Coloplast Virtue QUADRATIC male sling without being given any information about the Virtue QUADRATIC sling and without my consent to implant a Coloplast Virtue QUADRATIC sling. I had consented to an simple AdVance or Advance type sling only.

The Virtue QUADRATIC sling caused my formerly enjoyable life to become a living Hell. The 24/7 pain, caused by the Virtue QUADRATIC sling was absolutely intolerable. About one month, following my implant surgery, I learned that I had been implanted with a Coloplast Virtue QUADRATIC device that was in the early stages of Phase IV clinical trials. Calling Coloplast, seeking guidance for surgical removal of this torturous devive, was of no help. I learned I was basically on my own to escape from this living Hell.

On the 17th of December 2009, I had the Virtue QUADRATIC sling surgically removed at The Cleveland Clinic. I also had the originally "consented to" AdVance sling implanted upon the completion of the Virtue removal surgery. This combined procedure required approximately 3 1/2 hours of surgery followed by 11 hours in recovery. This is an complex and extensive procedure requiring highly skilled surgeons.

Although much pain remains from this extensive surgery, the intolerable pains, attribuated to the tightly tensioned Virtue QUADRATIC's mesh ARMS and PLATFORM, are gone. Also gone are the incontinence pads that had been necessary for the previous 10 years. With the newly implanted AdVance sling, I am completely dry.

Please know I do not post my experience to encourage one product vs. another. My purpose in posting my experience is to encourage those considering sling surgery to educate yourself with as much information as possible and ask many questions before making a final decision.

If those responsible for maintaining the "integrity" of CSN find my postings offensive, I must ask you; are you being "pressured" to BAN postings so other Cancer Survivor's Network readers will be "protected" from my postings?

Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world where all procedures have a happy outcome. I think it is crucially important for cancer survivors to have a balanced exposure to situations that could affect their decision making process.

I have been exchanging emails and telephone calls with other individuals that have had or are considering a Virtue QUADRATIC implant.

You are welcome to contact me at:

Happy New Year to all,



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    Have you tried to "Contact CSN"? This feature is in the upper right hand corner.