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hope the new year finds everyone well, went for ct scans wed, we hope all is still good i am stage 4 and NED to this point!!! surgery and chemo has served me well to this point and i could not be happier!! but this site and the people on here, made my journey into this sorry **** beast a lot more tolerable, you peeps ROCK, i dont post much, but the support and kind words from all of you (donna)...were a huge boost!! cancer will be beat,hope 2010 is better for us all!!!!


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    Congrats on Ned, this is
    Congrats on Ned, this is very inspiring to me as I am also stage IV with liver mets. Where were your mets? what chemo cocktail are you on? are you know on maintence chemo? sorry for all of the ??? just like to keep good news around. Patti
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    Great News
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring others to keep up the fight!
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    sfmarie said:

    Great News
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring others to keep up the fight!

    Hey Tom!!
    Always great to see you post, and so happy about your NED status! Big hugs to you and your family!

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    Good news
    I'm glad to hear the good news.Congrats on being NED,I hope you get to celebrate,and have a good weekend,I hope you have many more good tests in the coming years.
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    Great News
    Great to hear you are NED. Hope CT scans are good.
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    I'm dancing BIG time!
    Congrats, my dear!!!!

    And, yes 2010 WILL be better for all of us!!!! I say so!!!

    Hugs, Kathi