Scaniety with scan results tomorrow

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Had my PET last week, see oncologist tomorrow. Nervous again. Last PET(3 months ago) was great. Still on same chemo..So hopefully I am NED or stable.. But the fear does us in...
Please keep me in your thoughts. Thanks for listening... Mary


  • Fight for my love
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    You are in my prayers,hope
    You are in my prayers,hope your scan comes out great this time too.Take care.
  • karguy
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    Be calm
    Be calm,I'm sure you will be ok.I did my cat today,and will find out later this week.Hopefully you will be NED.I'll pray for you.
  • HollyID
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    Fingers are crossed that
    Fingers are crossed that you're NED! Good luck!
  • Annabelle41415
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    Thinking of You
    You are in my thoughts and prayers for a clear scan.

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    You are in my thoughts, I
    You are in my thoughts, I hope all goes well for you. Nervousness is normal when waiting for results - think positive thoughts!
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    I'll be praying for excellent results.