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This is a very specific and rare type of breast cancer I am asking about so I would like to politely ask that I only receive responses from people who have this same type. There is a great deal of information on triple negative and hormone receptive breast cancer but my diagnosis is about 1 in 1000-2000. As a result, there is almost no information other than one study in Japan on only 56 women.

My diagnosis: Triple negative apocrin invasive cancer. I am stage1, grade1, lymph node negative and my cells are not aggressive (triple negative normally has aggressive sells and lymph nod positive in many cases). I also had a K1-67 test which can tell the rate of growth of the tumor and mine was a medium growth rate. There is no history of breast cancer so the BRCA1 or 12 tests don't apply to me.

I cannot take Tamoxifen, so I have been advised to do chemo, taxotere & cytoxan for 4 sessions. But I am having a hard time accepting chemo based on so little facts out there
about this one rare type .

If there is anyone out there, and there may not be, that has had this same diagnosis and decision to make I would love to hear from you.

Thank you


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    My sister had the same diagnosis 3 1/2 years ago
    and did the chemo. Her onc said it improved her chance for survival by 50%. She opted for a lumpectomy and did the chemo and radiation only to have it come back with a vengeance 2 years later. When they put her back on chemo it kept the cancer at bay, actually responding very well to A/c light weekly treatments. However when she went off of them it grew back quickly and finally got the best of her. My cancer is only 5% positive, so I'm in the same boat (kind of) and have an onc who really encourages exercise and diet after the chemo is done, so I'm going to follow her regime and see if I have a better outcome.
    Mine does have lymph involvement, though.

    Good luck to you, Sally. I know this is soooo scary. WHY can't they find a CURE!!!???