Does blood loss during surgery affect post-surgery PSA levels?

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When my Dad had his prostate removed, the surgeon told him that he lost 1/3 of his blood during surgery.

6 weeks after surgery, he had follow-up PSAs taken. The first one was 3, the second one was 7. They were taken within an hour of each other and sent to different labs. A couple weeks later he had a 3rd PSA test and that one was 1.3.

The doctors have not given us a reason for these wild fluctuations. I was thinking, however, that perhaps the blood loss was a factor?

Would loosing such a large volume of blood make the PSA circulating in the blood stream more concentrated, resulting in inaccurately high/fluctuating PSA numbers?


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    My opinion
    I think that the difference between the two labs, 3 and 7 is due to human error....perhaps, one did not analyze the sample when it was received.......also, its a good idea to stay with one lab over time,since different labs have different calibrations to determining psa levels.