Thank you, You all amaze me!

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Thanks again for all your advice and comments, I can't believe how this blog has calmed me down and reassured me that I can and will get through this ok. It's all because of your knowledge and caring attitudes on here that is helping me and others through. Sash you are so right when you say they are the experts, but I think you all who have walked the walk are just as important to us who are just starting our journey.
Victor, Joe is right on when he says you are a good communicator. Joe my doctor is very aggressive and I like you do appreciate aggressive doctors. I want whatever works to cure me of this awful disease I am trying to eat healthy and exercise too. I find it hard to excecise being out in the country in the winter. I asked and got the WII Fit for Christmas and find it really helpful when the weather here is to cold to be out in. I am normally an outside person, but with my equilibrium being off, my family won’t let me go out by myself.
I will take the meds Dr. Seikaly and the others prescribe. Rich I am not to worried about the brain tumour at this point, but I am going to ask them if I can get radiation on it… I would rather it not be there. Thanks Hondo for the advice on keeping busy and keeping cancer off my mind, that’s exactly what I have done so far this holiday season and it is working, I am having a very nice Christmas/New year this year.
Can any of you tell me if there is a certain amount of time that is the norm for healing after surgery, so far I am hearing anywhere between 3 and 7 weeks before starting treatment. Just trying to see what my timeline for all this will be, as I will take a leave of absence from work.
Anyhow that you all for being here for us who appreciate your words, thay are so important!!! You are all in my prayers. I am hoping and praying that with the New Year and New Decade here shortly that there will be a cure for cancer, we are getting closer, but it’s not yet here!
Happy New Year Love Val


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    Good morning Val it might be a little hard to say just how long for healing after the surgery as it depends on how strong your body is at the start, but I will say your positive attitude will help you. I am always amazed when reading the post here on CSN how some people could just get up and keep going after surgery, radiation, and chemo and others come to a stand still. But as I keep following up I find that most of the time it is because they are the ones who keep positive and have a strong believe in the power of prayer and have a lot of others praying in there behalf. You will never be alone here on CSN as you have a lot of us who have been through the fire and are willing to stay here to help our brothers and sisters through the same. From what I read about you on your many post I believe you will be up and going in no time.

    You are on my pray list so stay strong and take care; God bless
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    A Sound Path
    Ditto what Hondo said, Val.
    Sounds like you are doing everyhting right, and I do agree with your Dr. being aggressive. That is the way all Oncos should be, if you ask me.
    If they can rad-zap the brain tumor- it would seem that might correct the equilibrium, and also help the body as a whole to deal with what you have going-on. Does make sense.

    Keep us informed, Val. And...