Jill, was wondering why you've been pulling your prior posts.

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Hey, was just noticing your posts are disappearing. Looks rather odd, what with people responding to something you've said and there being no post to respond to. Is something wrong. I had always thought what you had to say offered a lot to the discussions. What's up?



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    Bad decision
    Hi, Claudia--I canceled my membership when I was afraid that my obsession with this board would interfere with my getting down to work. Since I haven't worked at all in almost two years, I was nervous. Anyway, I tried to reinstate my account two days later, and it is impossible. So now I have a different screen name and everything I have said prior to this reinstatement is deleted. Ah, gee. It's soon to be a new year, my checkup was good, so now I have a clean slate. Thanks for the compliment, by the way.