Merry Christmas

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I want to wish you all a very Blessed Christmas (yes, I know, I am not being politically correct, but I am going to assume if you don't celebrate, you won't open this "discussion") and, God willing, a very Happy, HEALTHY New Year.
We are spending our first Christmas in FL. It feels strange not to be around family....and to have it so warm. We have traveled north for Christmas since we retired to FL. Thankfully we are surrounded by good friends here. Going to our friends/neighbors whom we have known for over 30 years, for dinner today. Waiting for Charlie to wake up (we had to stay up last night to watch "It's A Wonderful Life") and then we will have breakfast, (scones just out of the oven!) open some gifts, and then we are off to mass to give thanks for this time we have....and to say another set of prayers for all of you on this site.....and to pray for the families of those we have lost.
God Bless you all and stay strong,


  • mumphy
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    Thank you Jane
    Yes it is difficult to know if you are being p.c. or not but I don't think that anyone here would mine you wish them well over the Holiday Season or at another time.

    Have a wonderful holiday!!
    God Bless!

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    Hi Jane
    Stay warm in FL my Son was living in Tampa for a while and we really enjoyed traveling there. May the God of our fathers continue to bless you both over the Christmas season.