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I was just curious if any of you have taken the Hair, Skin & Nail Vitamins after finishing chemo. I know I can't take them while on chemo, but I stocked up on them when my pharmacy had a 'buy one, get one' sale figuring it might help with all of these things being effected because of the chemo.

Anyone? I'll be done the first week of February and I plan to try it... figure it can't hurt, right?


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    Vitamins etc.
    When I asked about this my doctors don't want me to take anything "extra". Just let your doctors know ahead of time what you are planning on taking. I think they want to know if you have a reaction to something it will be easier to diagnose.
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    My onco. said vitamins are
    My onco. said vitamins are ok as long as the daily value is not more than 100%. I would check with your doctor before taking anything over the counter.
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    Are you doing radiation after chemo?
    Marlene, I don't remember whether or not you'll be doing radiation after chemo -- if so, I know many of us were told by our radiation oncologist or nurse not to take vitamins during radiation.

    So I wouldn't start taking them until you've had a chance to meet with the radiation folks and ask them.