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Hi, My husband and I have been at the esophageal cancer battle a long time (almost 2 years) now. Never tire of hearing other stories that we can relate to, so I'm glad I found this site. Does anyone here have squamous cell type (as opposed to adenocarcinoma)? My husband has basaloid squamous cell esophageal cancer and, although the standard for treatment and prognoses for both types are considered the same, I'm just wondering.

My husband is doing well after a helluva 2 years, having been diagnosed as stage IVa and then having a recurrence. Next PET scan in 3 weeks or so, staying cautiously optimistic!


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    Hi, I am fairly new to this website also, my husband was just diagnosed in october with stage 4 too. How old was your husband when diagnosed two years ago and could you tell me did he do chemo and radiation/and or surgery. We are going through chemo right now, doctors said that 50% of these patients do not respond to chemo which really made me mad and that he would only have about 6-9 life expectancy. What is your story, I would love to hear it and hopefully it will give my husband some hope.
    thanks Linda
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