Loretta you are right always go with your gut

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Remember my post about Al's back pain well I was right. He has a compression fracture and
a buldging disc in his lumbar spine. Will have to biopsy to double check about mets.

In my previous post about being upset that the test wasn't done when it was suppposed to be, and I was anxious about his back pain. You said go with your gut. Well my gut was right!
So now the oncologist has increased his steriods and pain meds. He is consulting a neurosurgeon so that they can go in and cement the fracture, hopefully the begining of next week.

I am angry and upset and just beside myself. At this point they have no idea how it happened.
Since I wasn't in the room when the nasty tech made him drink the barium so fast he aspirated
I have no idea what else happened. I just know that when Al came out of there he said that
they twisted him so hard the the pain went all the way down his leg.

I need help, I have to ask his family to get us to and from this procedure. I currantly am not allowed to drive due to the disc fusions that I have in my neck. I hate having to ask
for help. I don't know what else to do.

Please pray for us to get through this new bump. It feels like a giant Pittsburgh Pot Hole
and you know how big they can be.


God Bless


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    I am sorry to hear this news he has come so far, but as usual we know when something else is going on, I just hope the Cancer has spread to there. I know its hard to ask for help but you have to do it, you cant afford to get down either or you both would be useless to each other, I never walked those shoes, but as our wonderful KITTEN would say its just a BUMP in the road, and we have to deal with things.

    I thought your big girl panties were packed away, but I think BILL needs to send you a new shipment of some. I am sure there is plenty left My prayers are with you.

    Love and hugs
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    Oh my, you guys have

    Oh my, you guys have are going thru a not so pleasant bump. Don't beat your self up about what is done...just move on. I hate asking for help to---but my husband helps me put it in perspective in this way... He says "well you would do it for them, wouldn't you?" Of course I would, but somehow it is different. I think God wants us to work together and not try to do everything on our own...we are different when we work together--more accepting, more forgiving, more appreciative, etc.... Thant should be the least of your worries. LEt that worry go--so you can get down to business on other issues. One making Al feel comfortable and not totally froze in fear about " bad possibilities". Focus on the positives. It may be hard to find at times--but if you see a few---he will see a few (positives) when you are down...

    We will be here (a whole bunch of us!!!) if you need to vent, cry, scream or say Alleluia for good news that may come along!
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    That is all this is...a bump in the road. You will get through it....ask for help....I know it is hard.....I always want to do it all myself too.
    Keep you and Al in my prayers....and remember, stay strong. You can do it.
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    Sorry to hear about this. At
    Sorry to hear about this. At least now, they can do something to help him. I'm so glad you went with your gut. We sometimes know more than dr.'s give us credit for -- we know our bodies, or our spouses or our children's bodies more than them. I wish they could have listened to you earlier. Praying for you all. And please, don't be shy to ask for help. You really need it and I'm sure they would be happy to help you.
    Love and prayers,
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    It is just another


    It is just another bump in the road. Don't overwhelm yourself. If you have people who are willing to help, by all means let them! Trust me I have a hard time asking for help. But if you dont let someone help once in a while, you tend to start to resint what is happening in your life. Or at least thats what I do. Prayers coming your way! You'll be fine!

    {BIG HUGS}