a grandmother again

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my daughter had a baby boy last night , 10 lbs 5 oz , she didnt want me there , because she was worried about me having no inmune system, so i thought she had eneough to worry without me, but it was hard staying home.another thing why chemo sucks,but then i didnt have to see her in pain, i was with her when she had my grandaughter( in picture) and it was a awesome thing.glad its the 5th day after chemo,so i have some strength to go and help her. when she comes home.cant wait..lol


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    10 lb 50z...now that's a big baby! I hope everything went well for them? Grandbabies are the most precious gift from God. I'm glad you're feeling well enough to go help out. This is such a special time, I'm sure everyone is excited and happy. I bet that sweet little granddaughter will be proud of her new baby brother! God bless you all. Gracie