A Twist On "What Cancer Cannot Do"

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What Cancer Cannot Do

Cancer is so limited,
♥Yet In All These Things♥

It cannot cripple love, it cannot
♥We Are More Than Conquerors Through)♥

Shatter hope,
♥Him Who Loves Us♥

It cannot corrode faith, it cannot
♥For I Am Persuaded That Neither Death Nor Life,♥

Destroy peace,
♥Nor Principalities Nor Powers,♥

It cannot kill friendship, it cannot
♥Nor Things Present Nor Things To Come,♥

Suppress memories,
♥Nor Height Depth, Nor Any Created Things,♥

It cannot silence courage, it cannot
♥Shall Be Able To Separate Us♥

Invade the Soul
♥From The Love Of God,♥

It cannot steal eternal life,
♥Which Is In♥

It Cannot
♥Christ Jesus Our Lord♥ Romans 8:37-39

Conquer the Spirit.


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    Amen RE--thank you for
    Amen RE--thank you for posting the gospel truth!!
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    Powerful words to read this morning! Thank you so much!

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    Love it
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    Thank you, RE. Reading this passage warmed my heart and strengthened my spirit. What a memorable post.

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    You are all very welcomed, I felt compelled to share it.


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    Thank you so much.....
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    RE ... thanks for the reminder... sometimes I think I loose site of that... it's good to be reminded from time to time.