Not good news

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We met with the Dr. yesterday. Up to this point I don't think that Steve really grasped what was going on. Or maybe he was in denial. But she her self has had cancer and I don't think she would give us wrong info. She said she had talked with an oncologist after the CT was done and he even said that with the resutls of the CT that Steve doing nothing was probably the best idea. So when The Dr. said the will die...i think thats what made him understand that this is real. I talked to Steve about getting a second opinion and a PET so we can see how bad this is.

This is going to be the hardest journey I have ever been on. I just hope I can get through this!



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    I'm really sorry for the sad
    I'm really sorry for the sad news. Yes, I too think getting a second and possibly a third opinion would be good to get.
    Your in my thoughts & prayers,