PSA not detectable

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Good news from my urologist - My 4 week post surgery blood test revealed a PSA of 0.1 which my uro said is non-detectable the way this particular lab measure it. In fact, he said if my wife went in, she would have the same reading (of course, it's impossible for women to have prostate cancer).

I've seen some posts by others of 0.1 indicating cancer was present, but depending on how the lab does the test, they may be in the same (good) boat that I'm in.

Overall, my recovery is going well at 6+ weeks post op. Now completely dry - not even using pads. However, ED is certainly there, but I expected that to be a work in progress.

Some soreness around my incisions recently - probably from too much lifting last weekend (had to lift some speakers and move them around).


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    Congrats on the good news. I
    Congrats on the good news. I hope they are all near zero for now on!!