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hi I am a 16 month cancer survivor of the tongue, it was on the side of my tongue, lesion and tumor about 2cm. My doctor removed it and he cut into my neck and it did not spread. he said the tumor was patented? What does patented mean? I'm freaking out. yes I did quit smoking 3 months after surgery and started due to stress of an abusive relationship. now I'm finding it soooo hard to quit. I read that the cancer could come back in the throat or the lungs. I'm reading statistics and it's just freaking me out. Partly is because I started the evil s word up again, and I cry everyday because I feel I can't resist it. Even after what I went thru. My dad said you keep doing this and this time "your gonna die" I just need some comfort. I set a quit date and I intend on doing it nomatter what, but I feel hopeless. Worrying everyday and leaning on that stupid stick. But I'm glad i'm here. I have noone to talk to about this, and i dont bring it up anymore cuz it scares me so bad.


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    Aww. Poor thing:( I feel
    Aww. Poor thing:( I feel your pain. As I was a smoker too. But I HAD to quit, as my throat was too sore to smoke. Even before I found out I had cancer.

    Have you tried the patch, hypnosis. Or talked to your Dr. about help? I know, it is so hard to quit that rotten habit! But you must try!! For yourself. Please try. And be strong.

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    How to quit smoking
    My husband was told he had throat cancer. I stopped smoking when I heard this. He has not quit but has cut way back. It was hard for me as he was still smoking & this makes the 3rd time I have quit. DO NOT do the same things that you do when you have a cigarette. After eating get up and do something as when our hands are busy we can't hold onto a cigarette too. When the urge hits inhale deep and slow just like you are taking a drag on a cigarette. This helps to calm you down and relive the urge to have one. There are also electric cigarettes that they say are wonderful and guess what, you can smoke them anywhere!!
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    In my humble opinion, the first thing you need to do is to quit the abusive relationship if you have not yet done so. I am not a psychiatrist or a psychologist, but it is my further opinion that being in an abusive relationship indicates, at the very least, a probable negative regard with respect to your sense of self-worth, along with, of course, the perpetuatal confirmation of that sense as a result of the relationship.

    It is no wonder, then, that you would begin to smoke again, regardless of 'stress'. I would advise that stress is not so large a problem as is your diminished sense of self-worth, but that is just a guess.

    As a head/neck cancer survivor who quit only after smoking all the way to the hospital for replacement of half of my tongue along with a radical neck dissection, I KNOW how hard it is to quit.

    I have not smoked since immediatly prior to that lengthy surgery, and I think the main impetus for me, beyond what smoking had now done to my life and, more importantly, to my family, was the realization, finally, that I had been paying people, for more than 30 years, to kill me. Phillip Morris, Reynolds, all of them, I had been paying them since I was 13 years old to kill me.

    Every time you light up, consider that you are continuing to pump dollars into the coffers of these killers, my friend. If that doesn't work, consider, too, that you are paying for the nails in your own coffin.

    I wish you the very best with this. It IS tough, I know. But if you want to, if you really want to, you can do it. Just imagine all of those fat cats in their fancy cars and their big yachts and enormous houses and private schools laughing all the way to the bank with the money they earned from your cancer. It worked for me.

    Take care,

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    Get Help
    I Think you need more help than we can offer here. Joe is on the money re your relationship and self worth etc. i would be seeking counseling with a good Psychologist or Psychiatrist as you are playing with your life here, so get along and see someone.

    THere are medication they have to help and advice regarding your life situation and what choices you have and perhaps should be taking. You can't alway do these things on your own so don't be afraid to ask and seek help but as said you need more hands on help now so please give it a go.

    All the best to you.