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I got my ornament yesterday!!!!Thank you sooo much, I just had my surgery friday and it was a wonderful pick me up!(RE)!!!!monica


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    I think the ornament exchange is such a great idea! It must have been a treat to gets yours in the mail at such a perfect moment!
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    Awww.....well the timing was
    Awww.....well the timing was truly good, wasn't it? I hope the smiles our ornaments bring last, and last, and last! YAY

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    Hello Monica, I am so glad I could bring a bit of happiness your way! I read your thread on how your surgery went and that your doctor stated there was no evidence of cancer, that is certainly Fantastic news! It gives Thanksgiving a whole new feel doesn't it. I wish you a quick recovery and a fast return to good health. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!