bone pain continues after treatment

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Hey ladies...

I had horrific bone pain while getting chemo.. esp with the combination of Taxotere and Neulasta inj.

It has been almost 3 months since I have completed chemo and I am still getting this terrible bone pain.. esp at night and if I feel fatigued. Mostly in my legs and a little in my back (same places I would get in while receiving chemo)

I was wondering if anyone else is dealing with this same problem.. and if it will get better/ go away..

I don't see my oncologist till Dec..

thanks.. you guys are the BEST


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    yes, I did have it
    try Vitamin D3 and Ca.I felt improvement after I have been taken it
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    I think I would call the doctor as soon as you can to explain how bad this pain is. Sometimes if we do not make it clear how much it hurts they do not realize it. I have had a lot of chemo and had horrible bone pain but honestly that was 10 years ago so I don't recall how long it lasted. Please call your doc tomorrow, or if it is close by show up in the office to explain your pain and see what they can do for you.

    Best of luck,

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    bone pain
    Hi e_hope,
    I had taxol as my chemo drug with the neulasta shots. I also had terrible bone pain in my hips, legs, ankles and shoulders. My onc prescribed tramadol. Its a great pain reliver, non narcotic but works really well. Ive been done with chemo for 7 weeks and still have some bone pain. Not as bad as during chemo, but I think it will worsen because of the tamofixen and the bone stregenthers I am on. I found that taking hot baths helps with the bone pain, also, try a heating pad.
    Hope this helps,