Brachytherapy 3 Weeks Post Op

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Three weeks ago I underwent the procedure where radioactive seeds were implanted into my prostate. It's called Brachytherapy. I am experiencing some difficulties that were unexpected and would like to know if any of you guys out there can shed any light on the subject. I expected frequent urination but am still having an uncomfortable sensation for the entire length of my urethra during urination. What concerns me the most however, is that I feel like there is a golf ball inside my rectum putting constant pressure from the inside. It's uncomfortable to sit directly and am having to sit sideways to ease the uncomfortable sensations. I don't have a follow up visit until the first of December. I am assuming that this is due to the swelling of the prostate due to the procedure and the seeds. Anyway, I am happy that I made the decision to go with this procedure. I'm just a little uneasy about what I'm experiencing. Any help or support would be greatly appreciated.


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    seed implant side effects
    Hey abear52,
    I had implants February 07. I have had severe pain when urinating, incontinence, infrequent bowel incontinence and that feeling that you described regarding the golf ball. When I urinate I get extreme pain the length of my penis and urethra. I got in the habit of sitting when I pee because of lack of control, alot of the times after urinating the pain is so bad it takes 1-5 minutes (approx) to recover. When I get up to put my pants back on, often I get extreme pain in uretha, penis and need to sit back down to recover.
    I assume you were born in '52. I was too. After Brachy I ended up on short term disability due to the incontinence, pain etc. I worked with customers face to face so that made it impossible to be effective. My Doctors told me at first I'd be back at work 2 weeks no problem. Each time I reported back in they became increasingly perplexed as to my progress.
    No after all this time and a 4 month fight with disability, I was awarded Social Security Disability. My symptoms have changed only slightly. Less frequent urination has been augmented by 3 times the pain. Sanctura XR, Avodart, Flomax and Percocet get me thru each day and night.
    Not trying to freak you out. I feel like my experience is fairly rare because of my doctors reactions and the quick disability decision. So hopefully, you'll be back to normal as expected soon !
    Please let me know if I can help in anyway.
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    I had brachytherapy in January 2008. I had to stay on terazosin (4mg) for about 10 months before things settled down. I have experienced the same discomfort when urinating as well although I can't call it "painful" - that may be nothing more than a pain threshold difference between us. I have also experienced the "golf ball" thing and, on occasion, still do. I'm sure this will all moderate for you in a few months so don't panic. When you talk with the doctor in couple of weeks I'm sure he will put your mind to rest.

    Let us know what he says when you see him.


    Edited to add: As azrbv noted, you may experience bowel incontinance on occasion as well. It's happened to me three times since surgery
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    Brachytherapy Monday
    I wish i could give you some encouragement but I can't. In my case, the surgery was completely pain free even though i have hemorrhoids. I had some blood in my jockeys when i got home, but that was the only sign of the surgery. Tuesday I went back to have the catheter removed and that was the only pain I experienced, but it lasted only a few seconds. You stay there to drink water and urinate so they can check your ability to void your bladder. I think that is the reason. I had a few blood clots the first time but about 20 min later I urinated again and it was blood free. I read about bloody semen and did not want my wife to freak out so i pleasured myself and did have a lot of blood but i'm confident it will clear up soon.
    I have some urgency when I need to urinate, but it seems to be under control.
    I guess I'm saying for me so far it has been a breeze. I have no clue what my PSA level will be after the seeds are activated, but I can only hope and I hope the urgency issue goes away completely.