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I have posted before about pain in my back and liver. Has anyone experienced liver pain,it even hurts to laugh. I was told that my tumors are shrinking so why do I still have pain? I also had this deep burning itchy feeling in my upper right shoulder before I went to the ER with the liver pain, I can't help but think it is related to the liver pain. It pinches and itches along with radiates in a circular area. I have told my Dr. numerous times and he says he thinks its muscular and not related. If it were anything of concer wouldn't it show up on the many scans that I have had? I feel good otherwise but in uncomfortable pain when I laugh, or with my back when I pick something up or sweep is the worst..Please anybody have this. Patti


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    Wonder if it could be shingles trying to outbreak.
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    dont think it is shingles,
    dont think it is shingles, no rash or redness.
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    ittapp said:

    dont think it is shingles,
    dont think it is shingles, no rash or redness.

    Hi Patti!
    I have mets in my liver, that are inoperable, but don't experience the liver pain, my pain is usually sometimes on the left side, which I have no idea why. Are you sure it's liver pain, and just not some cramping? I know some people who do have pain on their right side, but they think it's just cramping, I'm on oxycontin and oxycodone for pain, that I take if I feel it, which isn't usual, I'm not in pain much at all, but has your doctor looked at your liver to see what's causing this pain, I know you've said something about it before, but didn't know if you talked to your doctor about it. I'd be going to quite a few doctors if they weren't finding out where my pain was coming from, and helping it.