Ovary thriving on chemo???

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Hi to everyone, Well lets see. I have stage 3 her+ DCIC and 18/20 lymph node involvement.
Chemo cocktails #1 cytoyoxen/Adimycin, done that. Chemo cocktails #2 Taxol/Herceptin, done that. Now just had my first round of Herceptin for killing anything that's even thinking about growing! I had a partial hysterectomy in 05'. Let the ovaries so wouldn't have to have estrogene. OK, the hormone levels are that of a girl in puberty! One of the levels said midcycle. When I had scans done after dx of ca, the left ovary was "dried" up. The right lives on and I think it likes chemo. I tell it everyday to die, die!
Just wanted to share that. I'm thinking of having it ripped out. It's a mutant of some type! I hear the tamoifen or other simiular drugs are horrible. Any advice on mutant ovaries? I see onc doc on the 16th. (I think)


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    Your question is out of my realm. I have no experience with which to answer. I am bumping this up because I saw you needed answers and had none. Sometimes there are so many of us writing that things get to pages before anyone even sees it. My thoughs and prayes will be with you. I am hoping some answers for you will come quickly.
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    Just wanted to say that tamoxifen was not horrible for me. After chemo, it was a piece of cake. I took tamoxifen for 7 years. I have now been on arimidex for about 6 months. Everyone is different so don't not try a proven treatment because you hear they are "horrible." Those horrible drugs are the reason I am alive. And I have been thriving and surviving for 22 years with this disease.
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    Hi Katz. I am also her2 pos
    Hi Katz. I am also her2 pos stage 3 2/20 lymph nodes involved. Did 4 rounds of ac. Currently on round 10 of 12 Taxol/Herceptin. Will continue with herceptin for a total of 52 weeks,will do 6 weeks of rads and will also be put on Tamoifen. Also has hysterectomy that left ovaries, but I was told the chemo will kill them both. How do you know if there dead ???