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This is the tale of young Freddy Law
Whose sexual equipment got trapped in the door,
By the time they freed him, He didn't feel well
For his private parts were mangled to hell.

They rushed him to hospital, the ambulance flew
But when they got there there was nought they could do.
What a bad blow for Freddy, condemned without choice
to a life without sex and a high squeaky voice!

But lucky for Fred, so he wouldn't feel a fool
Some bright-Spark suggested a 'Bionic Tool'
A smart new electric one made out of brass..
though the batteries would have to be stored in his arse.

Now newly equipped and after a rest
Fred thought he would put his new tool to the test
So finding a woman, the nearest one handy
supplied her with drinks to make her feel randy

She, without warning, put her hand in Freds' Flies
as she felt what was there, gave a sry of suprise
"That's my Bionic Chopper, Now let's have some fun"
Cor Blimey, she said, it felt like a gun!

They both got naked and Fred, he was fast
He turned up the control knob and gave it full blast
they clung to each other as Freds' parts shook some more
then fell off the bed and rolled onto the floor...

now the pace hotted up and they started to choke
As the air in the place became filled with blue smoke
with a Bang! Freds' left B------ flew up in the air
and the other went clackety-clack down the stair.

So back for repair went poor Fred, full of woe
Was this how his sex life was destined to go..
To return to his doctor after each shag
with his tool in his pocket and his balls in a bag?

BUT they fixed up young Freddy, made him manly again
and they boosted his batteries with a flex from the mains
So if he can't get a girl now, Lucky Fred doesn't cry
For he's AC/DC and can go with a Guy.



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    Good lord your just bad. I
    Good lord your just bad. I knew there was a reason I loved you so.
    Tj Tantrum
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    What are we going to do with you? LOL By the way you are not looking so good today.
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    double post
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    Jadie said:

    double post

    That was great. Tasha, you
    That was great. Tasha, you never fail to please.