just thought everyone should know about this

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Hi, haven't been on here too much lately because my girlfriend told me about a website that I think alot of you should know about. It is caringbridge.org. I had never heard of it before but I guess it is widely known and used.

It is a wonderful "free" site where friends and family can keep right up to date with your progress. I have been getting nothing but thank you's from everyone for signing up on it. This way they can "check me out" any time they want to and be right up to date with my treatments and feelings. There is also a "guestbook" for them to sign with support, comments, questions, jokes, or anything they want to say to me. You can also upload pictures - for example, I have some on their with my hair, my dog, my husband, and I plan on putting more on there when I lose my hair and also my wigs..haha.

So, I have been very busy entering in my "journal" everything that has happened at each and every Dr's appt so far - since Day #1 when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Just check it out and I know you will like it!!!



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    Thanks, Tracy. I have a
    Thanks, Tracy. I have a friend whose husband has just been diagnosed with brain cancer and caringbridge sounds like a very good site for the whole family. To share this information with all the boards, add it to the Member Resource Gallery. It's just as easy to use as this discussion board. xoxoxoxo Lynn
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    Yeah Tracy,
    it's a great site! And so much better than having to answer so many "How are you's" by well meaning people!