Update on my dad

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Well no real news for my dad. The oncologist said everything has stayed the same and he feels that's good. HOWEVER, we do not. How can that be good. The point of chemo, to me, is to shrink the tumor so that you can hopefully have surgery. The clinical study my dad is in is to do tumor control. Which in his case, is what happened. They controlled it, but it not doing anything?? So, anyway, this Dr. also said he doesn't believe in any kind of radiation. We are done with him. My dad will be leaving the clinical study. He has an apt. closer to home at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore on 10/29. Hopefully we can get things moving along. I have regrets that we ended up staying in the clinical study. I just pray we didn't delay things too long for my dad. I've always heard such good things about clinical studies and now I'm not so certain. I know there are many different things to study, but I'm thinking this was the wrong study for my dad. I just should have followed my gut months ago. I know that's water under the bridge as well and that we need to move forward. I also couldn't believe it when this Dr. said he doesn't believe in radiation, WHAT?? I've read radiation has saved many people. Anyway, I really feel pulling him from the study is the right thing to do. He doesn't want to keep traveling to PA. anymore. It's hard with winter coming. He wants to be closer to home. Hopkins is a great hospital too, we probably should have started with them a year ago, but his GI Dr. that found the cancer sent them to a different hospital that really wasn't equipped to handle EC. Please keep him in your prayers. The decision to move him was hard, but we are feeling really good about that after all the prayers. Now, we just need some prayers answered for his health. He's doing good. He's eating, but he's tired all the time. Stage 4 is really hard. Prayers are answered all the time. Hang in there everyone!! God Bless!!

Prayers for all!!