clinical trial with everolimus

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I am about to join a clinical trial on a drug called everolimus (rad001). It is a drug now given to advanced renal cell cancer patients. It is hoped that it will slow the progression of prostate cancer. Is anyone out there familar with this drug and the possible side effects.


  • William Parkinson
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    I am curious about how you have faired since going on Everolimus. This drug is a so-called rapalog; that is, it is derived from rapamycin (=sirolimus). Rapamycin is a potent immunesuppressor used for renal allograft transplantation, but it is also a powerful antiproliferative drug. It can pack a powerful punch to both androgen-independant Pca and androgen-dependant Pca. So I sm curious how the trail is going. Thx for any info and good luck!