Help! 4 lymph nodes removed-1positive. Chemo or radiation???? Anyone with similiar diagnosis and wha

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I just had surgery last Fri. and had primary location cleaned further from first surgery a month ago. Four lymph nodes were removed and one came back positive. My breasts are clear from MRI and breast biopsies, bone scans are clear and CT scans of neck, chest, stomach and pelvis are clear. I just got the pathology report today that one node was positive.
Does anyone have experience with just the lymh nodes being positive? And have you had to have chemo and or radiation?
I meet with my doctor next week to discuss what is next. I'm just trying to see what might be out there in terms of treatment so that I can be a little more mentally prepared when I see him next week. I met with oncologist prior to last weeks surgery and he thought radiation would be the only thing I would need, but this was before the node came back positive. I know I will be meeting again with him after my post-op appt.
I'm just worried and needing to hear some input from anyone that has a similiar situation.


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    He will probably recommend chemo.
    Hi Mgns,
    Your doctor will probably recommend chemo because even if one node is possible there is increased risk that the cancer has left the breast. I was node negative but there are many on this site who were in your situation and can speak to this better than I.

    You'll be fine!

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    I don't have that
    I don't have that experience... but I do have lymph node involvement with 2 positive nodes.. I would think and this is only think your oncologist would recommend chemo at least because of the lymph system being affected and increase risk that is could be systemic and chance for micromets... Just because all your test are coming back with no evidence for disease (NED) you could still have microscopic cells that are positive for cancer.. So I would guess that your oncologist would want to cleanse your blood system...

    Not sure about radiation... Some radiation oncologist will do radiation regardless of how many affective and others won't ...