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My skin has always been sensative, but I guess with my white blood cell count low my resistance has become low. The only thing I can figure out that brought this on was a scented body spray that I used on my neck. I got a small rash like spot that my family doctor thought was a fungus. After I ended up in the emergency room with a swollen face and lips, they finally sent me to a dermatologist. This has been going on for three weeks now. They shot me full of Steriods and antiobotics in the ER and I am just now coming off of that mess.

I have been wiping my face with Aloe Juice and putting the meds on my neck that the dermatologist gave. You are not suppose to use it on your face. The itching and burning was horrible. I am vain, so I made the mistake of using a little lipstick and drew in my vanishing eyebrows only to have my face flare up again.

What I want to know is has anyone else had this problem? AND! What kind of moisturizer is safe and help me please to find some make-up I can try one I get this healed. I know that I am probably going to have to throw all my make-up out that I have been using. If my moisturizer makes my cheeks burn, you can imagine what foundation will do.

Breast cancer is bad enough, but old women like me need our make-up.

I would appreciate any suggestions.



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    Probably the dermatologist
    Probably the dermatologist is the best one to ask what to use on your face. I saw a dermatologist and she recommended what lotion to use. My rash was on my hand. So I'm sure yours will know what you should use. If you are that sensitive you really should call the dermatologist.