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On Oct 1, 2009, I underwent a full, abdominal hysterectomy as a result of severe endometriosis. There was no reason to suspect cancer being present so it was quite a surprise when cells were found by the pathologist. I was notified on Oct 8 of the path report and am just wondering what happens now. We meet with the gyn oncologist on Wednesday, Oct 14 to discuss what happens now. Has anyone else had a similar case and can anyone tell me how they will go about staging? Thanks in advance.



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    Bless your heart, Jennifer, this is just what you needed, right? Recovering from the surgery will be your primary task for a while yet. The gyn/onc will "stage" your cancer according to where the lesions were found and how big they were. If the surgeon didn't see cancer growths and the cells were simply present in the path report, it would be a very early stage. Your doctor will present options, which range from wait and see to doing a round of chemo. Don't jump to discouraging conclusions, which might be easy right now when it hurts to laugh. You will get through this and you will be okay.
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    I know you are shocked, scared, and at a loss of words. We all felt that way. My cancer was found with a CT scan (all over so I am Stage IV). Start writing all your questions down to ask the gyn/onc now and take the list with you. Have someone with you to write down the answers because you need clear thinking and it is almost impossible for the newly diagnosed to focus. If you have not had one, a CA-125 blood marker test will be given. Ask you doctor what that indicates. Most likely you will have 6 doses of Taxol and Carboplatin as a safety measure given every three weeks. That is the Cadalac of care for OVCÅ. Come back here when you find out and we'll help you through the side effects, emotional upheaves etc. You will be crazy for a couple of months, and that is normal. (((HUGS)))) Saundra