Can prostate biopsies release cancer cells into the body?

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I was curious if this has been asked by anyone else, and if there is an answer.

It occurred to me that when one gets a biopsy of their prostate can't some of the (yet to be discovered) cancer cells be set free to roam free in the body?

With the subsequent blood in one's urine and ejaculate, can't cancer cells then travel into the bladder and possibly elsewhere?

Does anyone know if there is any research or information about this?



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    Aloha Green Lantern,
    The last time this was discussed on
    there seemed to be little evidence or support that a prostate biopsy spread cancer cells.
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    I had asked the very same question of my Urologist before my biopsy, as well as a concern I had of whether or not the ejaculate (a product of the prostate) had cancer cells in it.

    Biopsy: I was assured that there was no evidence that this has or can happen. There are some write-ups, but no conclusive evidence. Also, it is usually suggested that the limited risk outweighs the diagnosis.

    Ejaculate: Could have cancer cells, no evidence so far that support it, however you can not give someone else cancer with your own bad cells. Phew.
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    Bottom line is they just
    Bottom line is they just don't know. There is debate over this but no proof one way or the other. I have the same concerns
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    They claim not, but...
    I've been told by an oncologist that there is no evidence that the biopsy can set cancer cells free in the body, but it's completely logical that it can, particularly if the tail end of the core being extracted has cancer cells, being dragged back through how many? 5, 6, 7, 8 layers of different tissues?

    OK, they claim this is not a risk, but every biopsy requires signing a release in which you state that you understand that the procedure COULD cause the spread of the thing being biopsied for.

    So they claim it's not a risk but they make you sign a release in which you state you understand that IT IS A RISK.

    Personally I don't think biopsies are a good idea. A decorated scientist once told me that he believed that biopsies kill. He said that blood markers could just as well detect cancers of all types. That was in 1979 or so. In the 30 years since then the business of blood markers has developed significantly. I believe that biopsies are overused and do carry some risk.

    I declined the biopsy. My urologist sternly lectured me that no man is treated for prostate cancer in the U.S. without a biopsy. The same day he got back my CT-Scan and promptly stated that my prostate cancer was obvious and that he would take me under treatment. Go figure.
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