first Rituxan infusion scheduled

lees1953 Member Posts: 20
It is really going to happen. My orientation is next Tuesday and treatment will start a week from Thursday. Normally I would be in a panic
but my mom at 84 is in very serious condition in a hospital in Nashville so I am making the 500 mile trip this Thursday to go check on
her. God works in mysterious ways; right now my own situation takes a backseat.

But assuming she will bounce back, this is really about to happen.

I am 56, Stage IV follicular NH diagnosed last spring. I need to feel better, the fatigue is overwhelming,
I have huge abdominal swelling and have gained a lot of weight. I don't know what to expect, especially afterwards.
I've read about the side effects so maybe I won't be surprised.

I've been reading these forums since the spring, I think I have learned a lot from your experiences.

Please keep me and especially my mom in your prayers. Thanks, Sheila


  • catwink22
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    Good Luck Sheila, have a safe trip and you & your Mom are in my prayers