"stalker dude"/concerned woman who has a loved one with cancer attempting to show good will..sheesh

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ok, now i have heard it all. "stalker dude" really??? sheesh, never in a million years would i have gotten that type of negative response to a such a positive blogging. my heart felt blog was just that and hopefully brought some peace and smiles and hope. I really like the new song "Happy" by Leona Lewis and the lyrics are so fearless that I wanted to share them with the group. Thanks guys! Good luck to all of you. I hope all you heal and have long wonderful lives. I will not post on here again. I really need to be around laughter and positive energy that is full of love and acceptance.



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    Not a stalker!!!!!!!
    Hey Terri,
    We haven't met but I'm sure that you've read my posts. I don't see anything wrong with you
    trying to people feel better. I enjoy reading your posts, they help lift me up and you are
    a silver lining to the clouds that some days bring.

    God Bless you.
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