Have to wait all weekend for bone results.

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My MRI bone results were laying on the nurse's desk and she couldn't tell me what they were because the doctor was not in the office today. I have a great surgeon who calls when results come in, but this oncologist doesn't do that. I went for my chemo class today and asked the nurse if my results came in, she said yes, they're right here but I can't tell you, the doctor has to. I can't believe how they can make you wait like that, knowing what a difficult time this is. There was a spot on my hip joint they were testing. I was so disappointed. My nerves are about shot. Monday is chemo day for me.


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    That's not right. If they have the results, page your doctor tomorrow morning and ask him. They are usually on call over the weekend. It's not fair to have to go through all that emotional trauma for 2 days when he could tell you in a few minutes. You don't have to wait.