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I'm 28 years old and I found out yesterday I have 1a2 cervical cancer. I went in for a LEEP and was told it was no big wasn't like I had cancer or anything. Well, it came back yesterday that I do. I want to know if any of you have had this stage and what treatment you had. I go to the oncologist Friday and my GYN has said he will want to do a radical hyst along with radiation. I've done alot of reading and have seen that there are other options than that. I will have been married one year in Ocotber and would like to have a child with my husband (we have 2 each from previous marriages) but know my health comes first. Any imput would be welcome.



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    Welcome to the
    Welcome to the boards...sorry that you are here, but you've picked the right place for answers. My story is a little like yours, but I woke up after surgery only to find I still had all my parts minus a couple handfuls of lymph nodes-stage 1b2 was now IVA. I received 10 rounds of chemo, 33 external abd/pelvic radiation and 5 internal. It was a long four months of treatments, but it's fading slowly. I have been in remission just over a year now.
    I know there are others here that have been exactly where you are and hopefully they can answer your questions. I'll be here also...if there's anything I can help you with. Good luck on your journey and keep your chin held high young lady...your getting ready to fight a courageous battle!
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    My 1A2
    I'm sorry you're going through this. I was dx Dec 2008 after a cone biopsy following several bad paps and a bad colposcopy. My treatment was supposed to be a radical hysterectomy but the cancer came back as having lymphvascular space channels and a PET scan revealed one lymph node MIGHT be affected. Because of these two things my treatment was changed to 6 weeks (30 sessions) of external radiation with 6 doses of lose dose chemo. I then had 5 doses of internal radiation.

    You mention your onc - is he/she a gyn onc? I would recommend you get a second opinion from a great gyn onc to see if your uterus can be saved. Mine couldn't be but I'm 36 and have 3 children already.

    Best of luck to you!!!! Rely on people who want to help!