Phoenix Rising

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Phoenix Rising-where are you? Was just thinking about you last night and how(I don't think I've seen)I havnt seen a post from you in a while-I miss you!!


  • Moopy23
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    Miss You, Too
    Hi, Jan, Joe and I miss you, too, and hope that all is well. Post when you get a chance, ok?

  • Christmas Girl
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    Just chiming in, Jan...
    Hope all is well, and that you'll stop by soon.

    Kind regards, Susan
  • Akiss4me
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    Me too
    Miss seeing your post also. If you can, give us a shout. Pammy
  • RE
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    Thank you for starting this thread, I too have been missing Phoenix and wondering how she has been. Sooooo Phoenix if you see this please drop us a quick line so we know you are fine. I am supposing you are out and about busy with the business of life!