isolating is this a stage they go through

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I think he is at the isolation change, We have 3 extra bedrooms, the drums room, our bedroom and the hospital room I call in, ( it has the hospital bed, O2 , basically all of his medical equipment, but I have also set it fo him to be comfortable because Jack wakes up alot in te night, So he has cable, playstation, stero, but I notice he is escaping more in there, and it got worst when he got, a Randy Hansen video in the mail ( that was the concert Jack was suppose to play ( the Jimi Hendrix tribute, ) ( he ended up in the hospital ) ever since he got that tape he jus sits and there and watches it, It breaks my heart becasue he should have been there, and he is getting short with me, I can say the wrong thing and he just gives me this look, It is like he is so irrated lately, So I am kind of avoiding him also, becasuse I know myself I will just say something, Do I leave him alone and let him work through this on his own or what, Is this one of the stages, And how do I bring him back to us,

And I know he would feel better if this dam trachea would cooperate, he is doing so good, with the chemo he gain 6 pounds, he is just doing so good except the mucos, it is just overwhelming and I think he is use to the fact the he can not talk, They believe it is due to the swelling of the chemo and steriods, but if anyone has any suggestion about the mucuos please let us know, Jack is a hard patient, sometimes if he goes against what is good, and then he realizes his way is not working, He is a tough cookie sometimes



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    I hate the guilt we feel when things get tough. We really need to blame the disease not our loved ones or ourselves. I feel guilty just dealing with the practical things like a Do Not Resuscitate form. I know these things have to be done, but I still feel guilty. I hate when I snap at him, but we are human after all. I haven't experienced withdrawal from my husband yet, but he does get grumpy. Sometimes I call him on it. Other times I just try to blame the disease. All we can do is the best we can at the time. I know from your entries that you really love this guy. He knows that to. He's just trying to do the best he can. You're doing better than ok. Remember that. Fay