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Has anyone had any problems with thrush from the chemo? When I went for blood work in between chemo weeks I told DOc I had a horrible taste in my mouth and was unable to even drink water. He looked in my mouth and saw a tiny spot of thrush (Just the begining), he gave me script for magic mouthwash and it really helped, but he did not tell me how long to do it?? Anyone know??



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    I used it daily the last
    I used it daily the last half of my chemo cycle! (so for like 2-3 months). My thrush and mouth sores were really really bad. I would think as long as things taste ok and your mouth looks fine and feels fine, you don't have to use it. It is just something that builds with each chemo cycle, so keep it handy.
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    My husband had thrush and used a special mouth wash and took probiotics too. I believe at one point the dr put him on a prescription med for it too.

    Take care.

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    my mom had colorectal cancer and she was on the 5FU chemo they gave her carafate and another med that i cant remember the name right off hand but it was banana flavor.. im pretty sure she was supposed to use it for 7 days.. but it did help it feel better one of the meds treats the thrush and the other coats the mouth..
    what ever you do just stay positive..
    let me know how things go