hi i am new my husband has esophageal cancer

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hi we need help my husband was diagonised with cancer june 12 tried chemo couldnt take made him to sick just finished radiation a month ago surgery not an option lost 50lbs no energy now having problems digesting food any help would be greatly appreciated


  • mumphy
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    Hi My name is Kathy aka Mumphy

    Sorry to hear about your situation and that your husband is not a candidate for surgery.
    Have you gotten second opinions? I like most of the people on this will try and help and
    of course are always here to listen.

    I don't know much about your situation, like does he have a feeding tube, can he swolloww
    soft foods. When my Al thats my husband was haveing problems I just made him power shakes and lots of ice cream and pudding and anything soft.

    We do not have a feeding tube, he does have a stent in his esophagus to hold it open and help him swollow.

    There are several web sites that you can look up that can also help just enter diet for esophageal cancer and there is a bunch of them.

    Hope this helps!