Loss of bowel/urine control?? Is this normal???

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My father who is 86 has cancer in the bile duct. It is not operable and he has started Gezmar chemo treatment once a week. He just finished his third treatment on Thursday. Last night he did not have any control over his bowel/urine movements? Is this normal??? He does not want to go to the ER because he is afraid that they will make him stay there for a long time! WHAT could this be???? PLEEEEAAASEEEE if anyone has any similar stories please give me some guidance! I don't know what to do! His vitals (BP, temperature) are all okay. And he says there is no pain.


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    Loss of bowel control
    My former boyfriend had both liver and stomach cancer. He was diagnosed in 04. He had been injured as a young child and spent a year in a hospital and always said he did not want to be in a hospital again. Likewise, he refused to go to doctors unless he had no choice, like in a car accident, etc. So, after his diagnosis, he went about his life as usual and I must say, he showed almost no symptoms for several years.

    That is, until 08. In the summer, he began having loss of bowel control. It was really bad. This was pretty much the first indication I had that his stomach cancer had progressed. He didn't have so much of the problem with urinary control although he had frequent urination. He also had frequent gas. Within 15 minutes of eating a meal, he needed to be in a bathroom.

    So to answer your question, based on my experience, I would say yes, loss of bowel control can definitely be a symptom. I'm told that there is prescription medication that doctors can prescribe that can help this -- something strong than OTC stuff. I have been researching the Internet and in addition to medication, there are many foods that should be avoid, like fried food. I believe it is elsewhere on this site where they listed foods to avoid that will help curb the diahrea.
    My prayers are with you and your father.
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    Please don't wait...call the
    Please don't wait...call the doctor!!!! It doesn't matter if it's the week end or not...they have an exchange that can get in touch with them immediately! PLEASE CALL!!!
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    CT Scan - Brain
    Go to the doctor and insist on a CT scan of the brain.