Rectal bleeding after surgery??

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I had surgery three weeks ago. Doc removed 10" of colon, and 50% of my rectum. BM's haven't been great. VERY frequent and small. This morning there was blood in the bowl, and on the toilet tissue. The blood was light. Has anyone ever experienced this? If it wasn't Saturday, I'd ring the surgeon's office. Thanks.


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    no, I never had bleeding-
    no, I never had bleeding- but are your bms loose or like tiny pebbles? If like tiny pebbles, maybe blood is just irriation on surgery lines? You having cramps, gas, bloating? If it were me, I would call the surgeon even if it is a Saturday.
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    I had my rectum removed and have a temporary ileostomy and I had light rectal bleeding for about 3-4 months on and off. Surgeon said it was normal because of the surgery and stitches pulling away and healing. I don't have BM's but it did have the mucous tinged with blood. Still give them a call on Monday. It freaked me out when I saw it but two surgeons weren't concerned at all. Wish they would tell you these things could happen.

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    My dad had it
    right after surgery. It had cleared up by the time he was discharged. I asked about it in this thread: