cannot pee

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my husband had robotic prostatectomy 4 days ago. has not produced urine since. kidneys failing maybe have to have dialysis. in hospital in icu. please help diagnose problem. wondering if there is an obstruction.


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    Hi eb1 five years ago I had
    Hi eb1 five years ago I had the same surgery,you are saying the surgery was 4 days ago;
    at this time the catheter is inside the blader and you will to pee normal, so I am not a doctor,
    but in five years and reseching every week it seens to me it is like temporay kidneys failure,
    but if this is the case it should be temporary.Every person react diferently to this surgery.
    just hang in there and my prayers like many of the guys in here will be with you.
    God bless you guys.