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Does anyone know of a good support group for family members dealing with a sick veteran?
My grandparents live far from the rest of the family, in West Virginia and my Grandfather is battling cancer and the aftermath of a stroke. My grandmother has a lot on her shoulders taking care of him and my uncle who is also a Vet that has stiffmans syndrome. All of this is really taking an emotional toll on my grandmother. I try to talk to her but I'm only 25 and live in new york so I can only do so much she really just needs someone who understands what she is going through to talk to. They go to the Martinsburg VA Center whenever he needs treatment but that's over an hour away so for her to take a trip there to talk to anyone isn't really possible when she is taking care of him. Any suggestions of what I can do or who I can contact for help?


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    Cancer Society
    Our support group is supported by the American Cancer Society. It's for both survivors and caregivers. We meet at the local hospital. Your grandparents should check with the local cancer society to see if they know of any groups in their area. Also suggest that she check out this site if she has a computer. There are a lot of good people here offering support to each other. It has really helped me. Fay