No break between treatments .. Is this normal ? 18 weeks straight of chemo

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Hello my sisters in PINK . .. I just finished my first cycle of chemo and I was informed by my onc RN that she would be seeing me next Tuesday for my 5 to 6 hour - 3 chemo cocktail. I mentioned to Barbara that I was under the impression that I would have 1 week off between cycles, she laughed and said no -- according to the guidelines and clinical trials set forth by St Joseph's and UCLA - I will be having chemo 18 weeks straight .. no breaks .. In fact .. Herceptin - given alone on week 2 and 3 of my cycle is considered my break.

week 1 .. Tuesday TCH cocktail -- 5 to 6 hours
Wednesday Shot .. which I give myself at home (neuslata) sp?

week 2 .. Tuesday .. Herceptin -- 1 hour

week 3 .. Tuesday .. Herceptin --1 hour

week 4 .. start with TCH cocktail

Is this normal ?



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    I did not get the Herceptin
    I did not get the Herceptin so I couldn't say. I had the chemo cycle every three weeks for 12 weeks. On the inbetween weeks I'd go in for a blood test to see where my counts were.

    I should add I had 4 cycles before surgery and 4 cycles after.
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    Dunno sweetie~ I had A/T/C,
    Dunno sweetie~ I had A/T/C, every three weeks...and for the Neulasta I went back to my cancer center the day after the infusion and they gave me the shot . I suppose each of us is indeed different! Herceptin was never part of my treatment.

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    You will actually have 6
    You will actually have 6 rounds of chemotherapy 3 weeks apart which is the TCH cocktail. Herceptin is not a chemotherapy drug, so the weeks you get herceptin are your weeks off from chemo. Herceptin is generally for a year. I got it every week for 14 weeks, and then every 3 weeks after that.
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    not sure... I didn't get
    not sure... I didn't get Herceptin, I'm Her2 neg.... I had 4 treatments of Adromycin and cytoxin (AC) everyother week and 4 treatments of Taxotere every 3 weeks...
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    Vicky..yes, this is normal. Herceptin in some cases is administered weekly....but there are not any side effects from the Herceptin from what ive been told
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    i took it 10 week in a roll then rads then back on herceptin for a year every 2 weeks. every
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    Hey Vickisam
    I think this is ok. Herceptin alone shouldnt bother you too much. I have had a few headaches with it but thats about it. Your chemo is actually the tch cocktail so you actually are getting a break between the chemo.

    Hang in there

    LInda T