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Hi everyone. Thanks for all your good wishes. My surgery was on the 10th and I came home on the 12th. The sentinel node was negative. I will find out Oct. 9 if I need chemo and when it will start. I have been trying to rest but it is very hard not doing what I usually do, which is everything, or so it seems. I am still somewhat sore and the numbness is really bugging me. How long does that last? At least I will be able to start the exercises tomorrow. Thanks again for all your support. I am so glad I found this site.


P.S. Who the hell is NED?


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    Hey Sheryl
    NED is No Evidence of Disease. This means that whatever tests were done don't show signs of cancer. This is what we all want of course!
    Glad that your sentinel node came back negative-that's awesome!
    I'm glad that you found this site also,and keep us posted!
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    LOL I just had to weigh in
    LOL I just had to weigh in on your asking who the hell NED is~ being as I was regaling the boards with him filling my dance card, and how we are all thankful that he is not the jealous type, etc etc. In the midst of the rest of your news ( hooray on clean margins!) and LEARING TO LISTEN TO YOUR BODY AND TAKE IT EASY ( subtle, aren't I??) your PS made me truly laugh!

    NED is ready and willing to dance with all of us...and he's a grand partner!

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    Sounds like everything is
    Sounds like everything is good for you so far. I'm wishing for continued good news. I'm glad you found this site too. It can be a lifesaver at times.

    P.S. Hoping your dancing with NED soon!!
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    Surgery sister
    I also had my surgery on 9/10.
    Sheryl - I know the waiting to find out about the chemo and further treatment is maddening. My upper chest is still tight and feels like it is bruised but no swelling. Can't say that I have much numbness but notice discomfort when I raise my left arm to try the exercises (that's the side that the sentinel node came from - mine also negative). Have you talked with your surgeon yet about the pathology results or do you have to wait for the oncologist appt which I am assuming (oops!) is on 10/9? I met with my oncologist yesterday and yes I will need chemo and yes since I'm Her+ I'll have to take the hormone blocker for 5 years. Whew! but I only need 4 rounds of chemo.
    I wish you good news on your next appt. Keep in touch.
    PS did your surgeon give you a referral for physical therapy. I asked my doctor for one and hope to start next week.
    Like everyone else - I'm waiting for my dance with NED. I'm so glad you asked about it. I knew it had to be good and something I wanted but couldn't quite figure out what the initials stood for, and it was so simple! Lola