Cancer of Unknown Primary - Adenocarcinoma

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Cancer of Unknown Primary--Specifically, Adenocarcinoma of Unknown Primary recognized by an intestinal blockage which turned out to be a substantial tumor with extensive lymphatic involvement, characterized via genetic and molecular assay as "very similar to intestinnal cancer."

I'm looking for others with similar diagnoses, to discuss backgrounds and possible common environments (aircraft carrier, Vietnam, etc.).


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    searching for info on ppc?
    well, i never heard of the description in which you specified. But I am a 3 year survivor of ppc. I had no blockage, but did have a tumor attached to the peritoneal wall. The size of a grapefruit.It seems it is rare (but it also seems there is a lot more questions being asked--which means it must be on the rise) and do not know where it comes from or why it is caused. I am 57 and was diagnosed at the end of 2006. I had a de-bulking surgery at Hershey Medical with a full round of chemo. Then returned to John Hopkins, when in good health, from that, for a second look and another round of chemo. I did very well and I am still in remission. What kind of information are you looking for?
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    My dad...
    My dad was just diagnosed with cancer of unknown primary source - adenocarcinoma in September. They started him on paclitaxel and carboplatin in his port on Monday. He is taken etoposide by pill for the next 10 days. We will have to see how his cell count is before he gets his next treatment in 3 weeks. He is having really bad sharp leg pains and we don't know what to do about them. What is your treatment plan? They said surgery and radiation are not an option. It is located in his mediastinum, lungs and femur on the right leg.
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    Hi, is there anyone in here with unknown primary?

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    Hi Bentley,

    Are you still part of the group?