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Well Jack did good on his chemo on Monday I found out what the drug is it is Erbitux, so I guess we now just wait for the famous rash, which Im told it is a good sign that means the drug is working, He was slept most of the day yesterday, in between of taking care of me, I yesterday, vomiting all day, we look like a real mess yesterday, But Jack was so good, he took care of me , Has anyone love one been on this chemo and what I need to watch for, also Jack is also wearing the patch when I take them off , I have to scrub his back to get the sticky stuff off his skin from the patch, does anyone have any secerts to get it off with rubbing his skin raw, It was a long day Monday 8 hours at the cancer center, hopefully they said it wont be that long that next time and they also said that this drug takes weeks before we see if it work , I hear people on it for 17 weeks, and my understand is that it will not shrink the tumore too much but it will stop the tumor from growing, and spreading, I just pray this is going to be the one, Im a little concern about the rash only becasue I know Jack has a habit of picking which could leave to infection so they advised us to jump on it warly and start with the lotion now keeping him moist,



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    for the glue residue from the patches there is something that you should be able to get from a pharmacy - I don't know what it is called exactly, but it comes in little packets like alcohol swabs - adhesive remover? If you don't find it at Rite Aid or Walgreens - you can go to a specialty drug / medical supply store.
    As for the itching - you could give him benadryl (diphenhydramine) or there is a benadryl spray - my husband (not suffering from cancer) gets rashes all the time and that helps a LOT.
    I am glad to hear about the chemo - means that he has gotten over his infection enough to do it.
    Keep up the great caregiving!
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    Medi-Sol Adhesive Remover Wipes
    Patty, after going through several adhesive removers this was the ABSOLUTELY best. My husband had a ileostomy for several months and the adhesive that holds the bag onto the skin was very strong, plus the skin underneath would become very raw and painful. This product worked by far superior to any others I tried. You can get them on the used the packaged wipes but I notice they also have a spray. Very soothing and non-irritating product. Hope this helps.

    Take Care, Trish [ smells nice too! ]