Really concerned

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I had breast cancer in 2005, after rounds of radiation and chemo, everything seems to be back to norma, except for this summer...about the 2nd week of July I had some break trhough bleeding from my vagina. I take arimidex daiy thru December. I went to se my Dr. and she took a urine sample and it came back, blood and bacteria, so she treated me for a bladder infection with antibiotics. It went a way.

Last night I felt very tired, weak, and fet extremely moist. I have not had a period in 5 years. So I went to check it out and a massive amount of blood was there, so much so that I needed to borrow my daughter's pads. Today the same thing.

I am afraid of uterine or bladder cancer. I left a message for my Dr. for Monday to et an ultra sound, but is there someone out there that can help me put this into perspective. I am frightened, my dad died of esophogeal cancer in 2004, the following year my diagnosis, I have just been laid off from a very well paying job, I am in crisis mode. Please help.