chest pain with lymphoma

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Has anyone had chest pain and found out they had lymphoma in there chest? Did it feel like there was someone sitting on your chest and like you couldn't always get a good breath? Also have had alot of itching lately in my chest area but also on my arms and neck area.


  • MichelleHenry
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    Chest Pain
    Actually, I went to my doctor and complained that the right side of my chest hurt and that when I would lay on my right side I had a hard time breathing. This was months before I was diagnosed. My tumor was on the left side of my chest from the top of my chest to my heart and on the whole right side of my chest all the way down to my diaphram.
  • tootsie2001
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    chest pain
    Yes I had chest pains and I also did alot of breathing treatments for asthma becase a was havin a hard time breathing since it was cutting off my air supply. I also did alot of coughing. I had problems for about eight months before I was diagnosed at the er but was going to the doctor all the time. So get a chest x-ray will tell you what is going on. And don't take no for an answer.
  • patcard
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    chest pain
    hi, i had slight pain on m left side and under arm pit area, went for chest x-ray and found i had marginal zone lymphoma. i do have some shortness of breath and a slight pain once in a while.